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Forza Rovers view tifo as a very important as a very important aspect of Sligo Rovers games and has become part of the fan culture in The Showgrounds, particularly the bigger games. With these displays, we give the players on the field, the support they deserve. We want to showcase our club in a visual manner to the Sligo public. But tifo displays also creates community in the stands. Tifo displays are also an important means by which the club can bask on our history and values ​​are passed on and perpetuated.

 Because we are a small group we are in constant need of money. Tifo displays are expensive and would be impossible to implement without contributions from the wider Rovers support. It is thanks to you who donate money at games and through our Pay Pal account that we have seen so many large scale displays on our stands! To contribute financially do this, by making a donation though our Pay Pal account in the link below. Please feel free to also donate coins and buckets around and on our games. Obviously there are other ways to help than to give money. The use of warehouses and large sheds to produce large scale banners is always welcomed by our group.