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New members are essential in each grouping to allow it to live on, continue to develop and grow in numbers. This also applies to Forza Rovers. We think it is important and look forward to new members who will take our group forward. However, we have no open admission, this is for several reasons. We attach great importance to the commitment, mentality and cohesion, and we believe that we can more easily maintain a high level on all counts if we are allowed to grow at a pace we are comfortable in. It binds us together in Forza Rovers in our commitment to The Bit O' Red and a vivid supporter culture. 

We place high demands on our members and everyone plays an important role within our group. Quality over quantity is our motto. If you want to become a part of FR08 show us this through active engagement.  The best way to get closer to Forza Rovers and eventually join us, is to stand in our section at games behind our banner and introduce yourself to our members. There you will find we are very friendly and welcoming. 

However if you are still unsure and have questions about joining our group you can email us at