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About Us


Established in February 2008, Forza Rovers are a Sligo Rovers supporters group inspired by the ultras movement that originated in southern Europe focusing on the verbal and visual support at Sligo Rovers games.  While we let ourselves be inspired by others, we believe that we shape our own fan culture at Sligo Rovers. We do this by attending to our own history and its pillars.  Our aim was to harness the enthusiasm of the younger supporters for Sligo Rovers F.C. We realised that the Showgrounds had very little to offer the team in the way of vocal and visual support. We felt over the past 10 years the once famous Showgrounds atmosphere had become less and less perceptible. Any vocal support which remained was decimated once the Shed End was demolished.

Our inspiration:

 Our group crest takes inspiration from local celtic legend and club tradition. We chose to use a bull as the centre piece of our crest from the story of Queen Méabh and the cattle raid of Cooley, which is also featured on the Sligo Rovers crest . Behind the bull is red and white stripes taken Rovers most iconic jersey design. Finally under the bull is a star taken from Johnny Chadda’s poem where he describes Rovers as glittering star in the sky.

Even if the sun ceases to rise,
Even if the sea ceases to flow,
Even if the wind stops to blow,
The name of Sligo Rovers will shine and shine forever,
Like the morning glittering star in the sky

Johnny Chadda

Our Views: 

Forza Rovers as a group have no collective political views. Although in previous years we have displayed banners with political symbols, as we have matured as a group we believe politics should be kept out of the stands.  Forza Rovers are positive proponent of pyrotechnics in League of Ireland stadiums. At present, it is prohibited because authorities believe that pyrotechnics are dangerous. But we are convinced that it is harmless if performed in a professional manner by persons who have knowledge of what they do. We do however strongly reject the use of pyrotechnics when used in a dangerous manner. Forza Rovers are strongly critical to the development of modern football, and oppose it actively. We believe that modern football must be tackled from all sides.